Onze partners


Onze bushcraft locatie is gesitueerd op het prachtige Leersumse Veld, waar wij een fantastische samenwerking hebben met Staatsbosbeheer.


Onze logistieke en administratieve partner met meer dan 25 ervaring in de reis en buitensport wereld.


Al jaren onze partner in crime als het gaat het leveren van kleding, messen en overige uitrusting zoals Pinewood, Casstrom en Cruds


De Rolls Royce onder de handzagen, Silky voorziet ons van topkwaliteit Japanse zagen voor tijdens onze cursussen.


Tijdens onze carving workshops en bijl cursussen maken wij gebruik van de bijlen van Hultafors. Zweedse topkwaliteit voor een betaalbare prijs.

Het team

Adam Logan

The bush living skills and traditional crafts Adam first discovered as a boy have come to define his entire adult career as a UK based bushcraft instructor and guide.

Honing these skills through 14 years of instructing created a desire to gain validity in what he was passing on to students and is reflected in the significant amount of time both living and teaching these skills in the context of wilderness travel and training courses.

’Throughout my career as a bushcraft instructor and expedition guide, I have had a growing sense of the importance to somehow quantify authenticity in the skills I would be passing on to others. I strive for honesty by teaching from experience and immersing myself in a bushcraft lifestyle. I try to practice what I preach.

Adam recognised early on that central to bushcraft is an understanding of plants and their applications. This has led to a lifelong fascination with the uses of natural materials for outdoor living. Opting for wool blankets over sleeping bags, natural shelters instead of tents, wood fires over stoves and wherever possible handmade clothing and equipment. This has helped to temper his instruction with a measure of realism.

Pursuing ever increasing reliance on nature, a passion for so called ‘primitive skills’ developed and has led Adam to write and deliver many courses on topics including buckskin making, fur tanning, natural cordage and glues, tool making, bow making, bone and antler work, weaving, and bark crafts.

Never truly satisfied with a short trip into the outdoors Adam has spent months at a time living in Sweden’s forests. He has spent nine months living off grid in the Canadian bush, where working as an assistant snowshoe guide, he has covered more than 300 miles by snowshoe and moccasins in remote wilderness.

Collaborative work with other instructors, schools and organisations across Europe and Canada gives Adam a unique perspective to reflect on how bushcraft and wilderness journeys are conveyed and enables him to relate to a diverse audience of students in meeting their learning desires and needs.

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