Onze partners


Onze bushcraft locatie is gesitueerd op het prachtige Leersumse Veld, waar wij een fantastische samenwerking hebben met Staatsbosbeheer.


Onze logistieke en administratieve partner met meer dan 25 ervaring in de reis en buitensport wereld.


Al jaren onze partner in crime als het gaat het leveren van kleding, messen en overige uitrusting zoals Pinewood, Casstrom en Cruds


De Rolls Royce onder de handzagen, Silky voorziet ons van topkwaliteit Japanse zagen voor tijdens onze cursussen.


Tijdens onze carving workshops en bijl cursussen maken wij gebruik van de bijlen van Hultafors. Zweedse topkwaliteit voor een betaalbare prijs.

Het team

Jamie Dakota

I grew up around three miles from the nearest woodland. Every chance I got I’d walk the three miles across the council estate to the wood to explore and camp out; with a typically over-sized rucksack and an excess of kit I quickly found myself looking for ways to lighten the load and improvise what I needed from nature. I read the books, and went cover to cover experimenting to find what worked for me and what didn’t. It’s that first-hand experience I use to teach skills at Howl; I never teach anything I haven’t vigorously used for myself. I worked since 2013 in supporting the YHA in their bushcraft provision, I provided their staff with specialist training to deliver simple but engaging bushcraft sessions for young people. In line with that I myself sought training and learned a great deal from Dave Watson, a Legend in the field. I founded Howl Bushcraft in 2014 with a suite of courses I’d built from desire to guide clients towards a closer connection with nature while making their travels outdoors.

Since then, I’ve lead canoe trips in Scotland, and winter trip in Northern Sweden, and am delighted to collaborate with an ever-growing number of instructors I’m honoured to call friends.

My approach to bushcraft is an honest and simple one, I go out into the Nature to make journeys, and connect with the landscape I find myself in; in this way my bushcraft has been informed by expedience and practicality. In essence I look to knowledge, and then skills, which can be used to augment the connection with Nature and not impeach upon it. True bushcraft should always be subtle, in the background, and supportive. It is the foundation on which great adventure can be built.

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