Morakniv Safe


Een stevig mes met stompe punt. Carbon staal lemmet.

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Morakniv Safe

Een stevig mes met stompe punt. Carbon staal lemmet. Door de stompe punt een Ideaal mes wanneer extra veiligheid is gewenst zoals bv bij kinderen en tijdens reddingsacties bij het klimmen, enz.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 121 g

Lengte lemmet: 81 mm
Breedte lemmet: 19 mm
Dikte lemmet: 2,0 mm
Lengte totaal (lemmet en heft): 200 mm
Lengte totaal incl. messchede: 250 mm
Gewicht mes: 79 gram


Dezelfde uitvoering is gemaakt van koolstofstaal en wordt verkocht met een donkergrijs kunststof messchede met een riemclip.


Mora of Sweden came to the market during 2005. However, it was no newcomer that stepped forward. Behind the company, we find two classic knife companies from Mora – KJ Eriksson and Frost’s Knife factory – founded in 1912 and 1891 respectively.

By merging and changing our name to Mora of Sweden, we strengthened the already existing strong association, both nationally and internationally, between the company’s products, the town of Mora and the country of Sweden. A new graphical profile further indicated the market orientation that has occurred in a previously production oriented business.

The unification of the two strong trademarks Frosts and KJ Eriksson has resulted in a wider assortment, and a capacity to run multiple development projects in parallel.

Mora of Sweden supplies professionals with premium quality cutting tools. They are used in a variety of fields, but those who use them all have one thing in common. They want tools that simplify the job, are easy to handle, and are designed with advanced ergonomics in mind.

We at Mora of Sweden have been living up to those demands – on an industrial scale – for more than a century. But the tradition of making knives goes back a lot longer in Mora. It all started back in the 1600s!

Naturally, we are benefiting a great deal from that tradition, experience, and knowledge as we go about developing the cutting tools of tomorrow. We do it with documented expertise and a classic ability to meet the needs of our customers. That holds true whether they are found on construction sites, within the manufacturing industry, or in slaughterhouses. Or when they relax by hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the great outdoors.

The product is always right for the job when it comes from Mora of Sweden – the impassioned, professional business partner who is meeting the challenges of the future with the zeal of the pioneer.


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