Sam Splint XL


Unieke multifunctionele spalk, te gebruiken voor armen, benen vingers en zelf als nekkraag.

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Sam Splint XL

De SAM Splint is de meest verkochte spalk ter wereld, wordt gebruikt door o.a. medische hulpverleners, buitensporters en NASA en is gebaseerd op het oeroude principe: Curves are strong. De SAM Splint is gemaakt van een dun laagje aluminium, omgeven door schuimrubber en is zeer buigzaam. Door de SAM Splint te buigen wordt deze enorm stijf en kan elke fractuur of geblesseerde ledemaat worden gespalkt. Er zijn drie basisprincipes voor het gebruik van de SAM Splint. Hiermee kan een zeer flexibel en buigzaam stukje aluminium worden gevouwen tot een product dat zelfs door mensen is gebruikt als peddel of sneeuwschep in noodsituaties. Tenslotte is de SAM Splint makkelijk te vervormen en zacht genoeg om in elke gewenste maat te knippen.


  • Waterproof
  • Lichtgewicht en compact
  • Transparant voor röntgen
  • Kan worden opgerold en gevouwen voor EHBO kits en backpack
  • Fixatie d.m.v. tape
  • Werkt onder extreme temperaturen en op hoogte. Zelfs onder water!
  • Opnieuw te gebruiken
  • Schuimrubberen oppervlak kan worden schoongemaakt en gedesinfecteerd

Extra informatie

Gewicht 145 g

14 x 91 cm


De kern van de SAM Splint is een ultra-dunne aluminium legering. Het oppervlak is gemaakt van dermatologisch getest schuimrubber


SAM Medical Products is a developer and manufacturer of innovative medical products used for emergency, military, and hospital care. Our products include the widely used SAM Splint, SAM Chest Seal, SAM Pelvic Sling, Soft Shell Splint, CELOX line of hemostatic agents, BursaMed line of shear and friction relieving dressings, and Blist-O-Ban blister prevention bandages. For more than 25 years, SAM Medical Products has represented innovation and quality to the medical professional.

The Story of the SAM Splint

Dr. Sam Scheinberg knows all about splints and the variety of emergency applications in which a splint might be necessary. As a trauma surgeon during the Vietnam War and as a board certified orthopedic surgeon on the Oregon Coast, he saw plenty of fractures and broken bones.

Vietnam demonstrated how woefully inadequate splints of the 1960s and \\\'70s were. Bulky constructs of wire, cardboard, and all-too-easily punctured air splints, they couldn\\\'t be reused, never seemed to properly fit, and frequently caused more harm than good. In Vietnam, field medics often ignored them and substituted even more old-fashioned techniques, such as lashing poles and branches (or even parts of a rifle) to the injured limb.

On his return to the U.S., Sam pondered this problem. He wondered if there was a way to make a light-weight but strong, reliable, and reusable splint. Relaxing after a 24 hour shift, Sam was playing with the foil wrapper of the gum he was chewing, curling it around his finger. In an "Aha!" moment, he realized that the foil, while flimsy in its normal state, was much stronger when bent into a "U" shaped curve.

Intrigued, Sam obtained a larger piece of aluminum and began work on his first prototype. He found that a thin sheet of soft aluminum curved in cross section into the shape of a "C", a "Reverse-C", or a "T", became remarkably rigid. With the right padding materials, Sam realized it would make an exceptional splint. Having satisfied his curiosity, Sam nearly set the project aside, but his wife wouldn\\\'t let him. Sam later remarked, "That was the luckiest ten minutes of nagging in my life."

It took years of meticulous experimentation, but by 1985, Sam and Cherrie were selling the first SAM® Splints (structural, aluminum, malleable). Today, the SAM® Splint is the most popular emergency splint in the world, favored by emergency crews, armed services, outdoor enthusiasts, and rescue teams. The SAM Splint can even be found aboard the Space Shuttle and on Himalayan expeditions.




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